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Our firm is located in the heart of Calgary’s most central business park

#301-12 Manning Close NE, Calgary AB T2E 7N6 
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Before O.B Law Office could provide you with legal services, we must first establish a lawyer-client relationship. To establish the lawyer-client relationship, you must go through our intake process. (i.e., O.B Law Office obtains sufficient information from you to determine the nature and scope of the services that you wish for us to provide for you, to determine if O.B Law Office will agree to provide you with the legal services that you request. Once O.B Law Office agrees to assist you, you will then sign our retainer agreement and pay our retainer fee before we commence our legal work for you.

Retainer Agreement is our contract with you (our client). It sets out the nature and scope of the services as well as the terms and conditions of our lawyer-client relationship.

The retainer fee is like a security deposit for payment of our accounts to you as your matter progresses. It is held in our trust account, and it is applied against our accounts for the services we render to you.

O.B Law Office’s standard retainer is $3,000.00. However, for flat rate fee services, we usually require only the flat rate fee + admin fee + GST, for the retainer fee.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit, E-transfer, Cheques, and Bank Drafts. You can make payments online on our website. Our online payments are secure.

O.B Law Office is built on the sole principle of providing quality legal services for the ordinary person. We are committed to our cause, and as such, we invest the time, energy, and drive so that we can deliver high-quality legal services to our clients.

Firstly, our hourly rate is among the lowest you could find, and on top of that, we ensure that our legal services are cost-effective as possible. We respect our clients’ budget and goals. During our intake process, and throughout the course of our representation, we obtain information from our clients that assists us in developing our ability to advise them. We ensure our clients understand not only the legal but also the economic and social implications of each relevant legal option that we present to them.


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