O.B Law Office – the engaged law firm – is finally ready to serve!

Hello Calgarians, O.B Law Office is beyond excited to introduce itself into the Calgary legal scene. We bring the change you need and deserve – caring and thoughtful legal services!

We are an innovative and ambitious law firm built on the sole principle of increasing access to quality legal services and representation for the underserved and the underrepresented. 

We are here to disrupt the notions that quality legal services can only be obtained at “big” law firms, quality legal service is expensive, lawyers do not “care” about their clients, etc. by providing top-notch, cost-effective legal services while at the same time creating affable experience for our clients. Thus, we have invested, and continue to invest, the time, energy, drive, and commitment to deepen our knowledge and sharpen our skillset in our practice areas so that we can deliver high-quality, cost-effective legal services to our clients – efficiently!

We want to create client experience that shows that we: care about them, understand them, and are the right firm to take care of them. Research indicates that lawyers and clients have different understandings of what clients want because there is a significant disconnect between how well lawyers think they are meeting client priorities and how well clients think lawyers are meeting their priorities. At O.B. Law Office, we seek to utterly understand our clients’ needs so that we can provide services that will be consistent with their goals and objectives.

Our firm is built to meet the needs and circumstances of the marginalized. Due to the unique circumstances and experiences the marginalized groups face, they tend to: relegate their legal needs to the background, not know or appreciate the usefulness of the legal system, not value the importance of obtaining the services of a lawyer to assist them with their enterprises, entirely not know that some of the issues that they face are legal issues, etc. O.B. Law Office seeks to enlighten these group of people that they do not have to wait until it is very clear that legal help is needed and/or run into a legal problem before seeking the services of a lawyer. It is important that they know their legal rights, needs, and obligations as they go about their business. “Prevention is always better than cure”. To achieve this, we will host a podcast called, legally speaking, to discuss various legal topics, partner with community organizations, and hold seminars to address legal issues that touch on the lives of the people we serve. 

Our practice areas include Wills and Estates, Business Law, Immigration, Real Estate, Employment and Civil Litigation. 

We look forward to serving you diligently!

Thank you for your attention.


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